CAPTIVATE™ is carefully engineered to filter light and elevate your visual performance by enhancing colors and contrasts and increasing clarity. With CAPTIVATE™ you will see the world in a more colorful and clear way, allowing you to perform to your max with confidence in any


CAPTIVATE™ filters out the confusing light where blue merges with green and green merges with red. This allows for more light where it is easier for your eyes to see, resulting in enhanced blue, green, and red colors: In this way, you are given a truer color experience with enhanced colors and increased contrasts 

Blue light (HEV) with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies scatter light and create haze. By filtering out these HEV-rays, CAPTIVATE™ removes this haze and allows distant objects to be seen more clearly. 

By eliminating the haze caused by bad blue light (HEV) rays and simultaneously separating and enhancing the colors of the visual light spectrum, CAPTIAVTE™ will also improve your depth perception



טקסט לדוגמאWiley X Captivate lenses were designed to provide a high optimal performance for its wearers.

טקסט לדוגמאColor intensity: These lenses provide color intensity by filtering out confusing light in the color spectrum, allowing you to get a truer color experience. 

Greater Clarity: With harmful blue light creating haze and optical confusion, these lenses help give you crisper vision. This allows you to see distant objects at a greater capacity. 

Refined Depth Perception: Through the separation and enhancement of colors on the color spectrum, you’ll experience better depth perception. All the more, Captivate lenses give individuals a better grasp on what they’re looking at and what the eye is seeing. 

Increase awareness/Elevated Mood: Captivate lenses work to block out harmful blue light so wearers can have access to good blue light. With access to more good blue light, you get an elevated mood and a more natural sleep cycle. 

Superior Contrast: Captivate lenses offer a variety of colors, all which increase contrast in specific environments. With each lens color (which we’ll talk about them next), you’ll receive a carefully chosen base and finish that optimizes your visual experience depending on conditions. And since the differences between colors are heighted with superior contrast, this makes it easy to discern one object from another. 

ANSI Z87.1 Rated: Captivate lenses provide the same safety protection as all brands from Wiley X, being that they’re tested and approved by the highest industry standards.

These lenses provided highly performative optics that are sure to leave you with a visually-striking experience with the ultimate consiste

With these advantages of Wiley X Captivate, you can be confident and protected, all while enjoying life in a greater capaci 

The human eye cannot see the entire light spectrum. Some areas are too difficult for your eye to see clearly, while others are much too dangerous for your eyes’ health. Our eyes can easily distinguish the blue, green, and red wavelengths along the visible light spectrum. However, it is where the blue, green, and red wavelengths merge together that the human eye has a difficult time seeing clearly. CAPTIVATE™ filters out this confusing light out and makes the color spectrum clearer for the eye to see. The results are increased contrast and greater clarity with vibrant contrast and vivid detail.