With an ANSI Z87.1+ safety rating and a sleek, lightweight frame that's as comfortable as it is flattering, the WX Alfa earns a solid A in an impressive trifecta of protection, clarity, and style. המשקפיים עומדים בתקן בטיחות ANSI Z87.1+ ,


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קרא עוד

Conquer the world in style!

With the WX ALFA’s square frame and rubberized, thin, adjustable, bayonet temples you get a cool, comfortable, and timeless look, which ensures that you are ready for all your ventures out in the world. Additionally, it comes with our side shields that can easily be attached or removed, adding yet another layer of versatility. The WX ALFA is the perfect pair of sunglasses for you, who wants maximum protection, everyday wearability, and total comfort, wrapped in a classic design.

CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Blue Mirror lenses

With these lenses, the reflection of blue light (HEV) off water is reduced. Moreover, they equalize the visible light spectrum to help light enter the eye more uniformly. They keep most colors neutral, while enhancing greens, and they reduce glare across reflective surfaces.
100% UVA/UVB protective
Blue Light (HEV) protective
Lens base color: Grey

High performance during:

Intense sun/bright sun
- Deep water fishing
- General daytime outdoor activities
- General day driving


Adjustable bayonet temples
- Rubberized nose pads
- Removable side shields
- Extra side shields for permanent installment
- Leash cord
- Case

מידות המשקפיים :

זרועה:135 מ"מ

גשר: 18 מ"מ

גובה עדשה: 43 מ"מ

אורך עדשה: 56 .מ"מ

אורך מסגרת: 146 .מ"מ

משקל: 14 .גר

עקומת מסגרת
Base 6
Side Shields
טכנולוגיית עדשות
Light Transmission
Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate
Wiley X Polarized Filter 8
Oleophobic Anti-Smudge Coating
US Stress Certification
Impact Protection
ANSI Z87.1
רפידות אף
Rubberized nose pads
Made in USA
חומר המסגרת
Triloid™ Nylon Frame