The WX VAPOR meets MIL-PRF-32432A ballistic safety standards keeping you safe from unexpected impacts. PRODUCT INCLUDES: Zipper Case 2 Lens Pack, Cleaning Cloth with Wiley X Logo, Leash Cord with Rubber Grips המשקפיים עומדים בתקן בטיחות ANSI Z87.1+ , עדשות שקופות מתאימות לתנאי חשיכה. הן מסייעות בהגנה על העיניים מפני לכלוך, קרני UV מזיקות, אבק ורסיסים.


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Fearlessness, boldness, and versatility!

The WX VAPOR 2.5 combines its lightweight frame with an aggressive design, an outstanding field of view, and thin rubber-tipped temples that gives a unique, bold look, packed with versatility. The flexible frame guarantees a fit on all head shapes, and the rubberized twist lock nose piece will ensure you a superior grip during almost any activity. Designed with style and comfort in mind, the WX VAPOR 2.5 is a pair of protective eyewear that is here to keep you safe from unexpected impacts.

Grey/Clear/Light Rust shields

The grey shield absorbs all colors equally, making it preserve the same color perception as without eyewear. It is perfect in bright light conditions, it ensures maximum glare reduction, and is perfect for all outdoor activities in bright conditions.
100% UVA/UVB protective

With the clear shield you get maximum light transmission, making you see the precise color values. Ideal for hazy or overcast weather, as well as dusk/dawn conditions and indoor use.
100% UVA/UVB protective

Light Rust
The light rust shield filters out most blue light waves (HEV), which is the key component of glare and haze. It enhances contrasts in medium to low light conditions, making it ideal for many outdoor and indoor activities.
100% UVA/UVB protective


Adjustable Twist Lock nose piece
- Rubberized temples
- Leash cord
- Cleaning cloth
- Case

מידות המשקפיים :

זרועה:135  מ"מ

גשר: 17 מ"מ


אורך מסגרת: 142 .מ"מ

עקומת מסגרת
Base 7
Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate
ציפויים 2
T-Shell™ Scratch Resistant Coating
Anti-Fog Coating
רפידות אף
Adjustable Nosepiece
Comm Thin Temples
Interchangeable Series
Lenses 3
US Stress Certification
Impact Protection
ANSI Z87.1
Made in USA
חומר המסגרת
Triloid™ Nylon Frame